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What locksmiths do

We all know what locksmiths do; or do we? Locksmiths make keys and help with lockouts; that’s the standard answer, anyway. Like many other things, the more we learn about locksmiths the more we don’t know! Here at Dorchester Locksmith, we are often asked a variety of questions that seem obvious to us that work there but apparently are not so obvious to others. Some of the questions we get are these. Are locksmiths expensive? How long should you wait for a locksmith to show up? Do prices ever change once the work starts? Do locksmiths charge more for after-hours work? Does my locksmith need to be licensed? Won’t I get a cheaper one if no license is involved? Do I need to check ID? Should they bring their own tools? You don’t have to live here in Dorchester, MA for these questions and their answers to apply. They will be the same for you no matter where in the country you happen to live.

When should I use a handyman?

If your task is lock or key related, it’s best to use a real locksmith. We encourage locals to work with a full service locksmith shop whose technicians are licensed, bonded and fully insured. Don’t worry if that sounds intimidating or expensive. Many of the best locksmith shops of this type are very affordable and due to their volume of local business, they can afford to charge much less than you’d think. Besides, you have to weigh the value that working with real locksmith professionals affords you. You’ll know that you are dealing with true lock and key experts with skills, knowledge and field tested experience and that in itself brings peace of mind along with enhances security. How much is your protection and that of your loved ones worth to you? All it takes is a little shopping around to find a local locksmith shop like this. But why not use a handyman for locksmith work? Many local handymen are not licensed, and offer only part time help that can also be used to change light bulbs, move boxes or paint walls. They simply don’t have the training, tools or expertise to do actual locksmith work.

The best locksmiths use the best locks

That goes without saying. What good is quality locksmith work if your hardware is cheaply made and or shoddily installed? Stick with the best and you won’t be disappointed! You can always depend on reliability and quality when your locksmith uses lock hardware from Medeco, Baldwin, Abloy, Mul-T-Lock, ASSA, BiLock, Sentry, Ace, Kwikset, Master, Yale, Falcon, American, InstaKey, Fichet, Kaba, Primus, Von Duprin, Llco, Dexter, Schlage and others of similar renown.

Four Main types

Locksmiths should specialize and be skillful in all four main types of practice; home, auto, business and emergency. Many of these overlap as you can find keyless entry systems in cars and also in homes and businesses. You can add high security locks to your house as well as to your shop. It’s best to work with a locksmith that is comfortable handling any type of lock hardware or service. That way you can deal with one company or shop for all of your locksmith needs no matter where in town you are.

Residential locksmiths

A home locksmith expert can let you back inside after a lockout. He or she can also add to your home security by recommending and installing locks on doors, windows, mailboxes, garage doors and other vital security locations. From basic key cutting to video surveillance installation, a good residential locksmith is truly worth hiring. They can advise you on home security additions like high security locks, gun safes and keyless remotes. They can secure your door with a strong deadbolt and cut extra keys for your main door lock. If you own rentals, they can convert your locks to a master key system and save you time, money and hassle.

Automotive locksmiths

Your car only has a few locks on it but these locks are vital to smooth and safe operation of your vehicle and to even entering it or getting it to start. An automotive locksmith can expertly service your door, ignition and trunk locks as well as cut, duplicate and program your transponder keys. Locks can be added to glove compartments and consoles and all auto locks can be serviced for break-in damage as well as wear and tear. Huge money savings can be enjoyed when you use an auto locksmith instead of your car dealership for having transponder chip keys programmed or copied. One of the greatest benefits of using an automotive locksmith is that they provide fast, convenient mobile service direct to your car’s location. This alone saves time and money since no towing charges are ever incurred and you don’t have to take time out of your day to sit in a service area waiting room.

Business locksmith service

It’s a fact that every single business in the local area uses locks, keys and related hardware. This is true no matter what your firm’s product or service happens to be. From desk and file cabinet locks in your office to CCTV cameras and keypad devices at your bank, commercial locksmiths offer and supply the security devices and locksmith technology needed to keep your local company safe from security perils of all kinds. Local firms are varied and can range from artist studios to hospitals and everything in between. A good commercial locksmith will be able to advise, install, repair and maintain locksmith hardware and expertise to any type or category of local business near you.

Emergency locksmith service

An emergency locksmith needs to be prompt, skillful and available 24/7. He or she also needs to be well versed in residential, commercial and automotive locksmith assistance in all its forms. Emergency locksmiths offer more than key replacements and lockout help. They can also open safes, change combinations, replace locks, repair break-in damage, program transponder keys, install replacement hardware and lots more. Make sure that your locksmith offers free price quotes and responds quickly to your call for help.