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Dorchester Locksmith: Residential Property Security – What You Need

It is vital to keep your home safe. Your home isn’t just where you go to sleep at night. It’s where you live – it’s where you watch holiday movies, cook meals, watch your children grow up, plant gardens, relax and so much more. The place that you spend such a great deal of time needs to be safe and secure. Even when you aren’t there, you want to know that you’ll be able to return home, whenever that time might be, to a safe house which was untouched by any unwanted persons. Perhaps you leave your pet during the day while you are at work, and the thought of anything happening to them absolutely terrifies you. The team at Dorchester Locksmith has received many phone calls from customers in the Dorchester, MA area looking for better ways to protect their homes. Because of the amount of calls they get with locals voicing concerns, they have decided to put together this blog in an effort to help people all over the place protect their valuable property. Some of these tips could also be applied to business properties. Have a look at the ways that professionals recommend that you properly secure your residential property. You are sure to find ways that you might not have previously put much thought into. Hopefully this post makes you see just how important and convenient some of these solutions happen to be.

  1. When it comes to keeping your home safe, first and foremost, you need locks. The thing to pay attention to is not just having locks, but having locks that are in great condition. There are all sorts of manufacturers out there which make great products. Most are very-long lasting, but if you live in an area which is prone to severe weather conditions, your locks might end up wearing out a lot faster than a person living in a more mild climate. Check into new locks if yours seem to be showing signs of discoloration or wear and tear – look at names like Medeco, Yale, Mul-T-Lock, Kwikset and more!

  2. Make sure you don’t only have locks installed on your front door but also on your patio door, garage door and any other entry ways to your property. Many are opting to go keyless nowadays – you can use a code that only you know to get into your property, and when you have friends or family visiting, you can share the code with them.

  3. Intercom systems are another way to provide additional security at your home. If you want to be able to communicate with anyone coming onto your property, an intercom system is something to consider. This is a great solution for those with larger homes, those with challenges that limit them from being able to see who is coming to their door, and those who just want an effective way of communication.

  4. Deadbolts are a way to add security to your home. You have different options, like single cylinder and double cylinder deadbolts to choose from. All of them provide an extra barrier that prevents criminals from being able to gain access to your property.

  5. Safes are another effective way to add security in your home. You don’t want children to be able to reach your weapons. And you certainly don’t want to leave expensive jewelry out in the open if you have contractors or other people coming into your home. A safe can keep these items out of plain sight, while also protecting them because you can get water proof and fire resistant options.

  6. Another form of security that you might consider for your home is to have duplicate copies of your key made. The fact is, people end up getting locked out because they do have locks that are very sturdy. This is a good thing. But it is bad if a homeowner is unable to get into their own house. Having a copy of your key made ensures that you will be able to avoid wiggling through a small, unsafe space to get in. It will ensure that you won’t have to break open a window or smash the glass on your front door.

  7. Rekey your locks for better home protection. Whether you lost a key or bought a home that was listed on the market and accessed by people like contractors and realtors, it is important that you replace the locks when necessary or rekey them when that appears to be the best option. An expert will be able to tell you the best route to take, but sometimes it is less expensive to have the locks rekeyed. Ask an expert if this is a safe option for your specific situation.

If you are thinking that you need better protection for your home, then it is likely that this is in fact the case. Dorchester, Massachusetts locals are welcome to call Dorchester Locksmith for any additional assistance. This team, and any team of locksmith experts that is local to you, should be able to answer your questions when you take advantage of a consultation. In most cases, the consultation should be free, as the lock and security provider will be eager to share any information with you. You can ask about deadbolts, intercom systems, master keys, safes, garage door locks, front door locks, patio locks, rekeying locks and a whole lot more. You can ask about the many different options that you have in relation to safes. There are so many solutions out there that you can take advantage of to enjoy a safe and secure home. It is important that you take that step and talk with an expert, or at the very least, continue to do your own research so you can stay up to date as to what is available to you!

Keep in mind that you should hire an expert for home security that provides you with pricing information upfront, licensing information and insurance details if you ask for them.