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It’s superior to a traditional key. You won’t need to fumble for your keys anymore, hunting around in your pockets or purse. Cutting-edge high-tech keyless entry systems are relatively easy to use. They give you peace of mind, offering more security than what you’ll enjoy with standard keys.

Are you often losing your keys? Then keyless entry is ideal. Absentmindedness won’t catch you again. You can walk your dog, visit a neighbor, go out for a stroll, or go out jogging, and you won’t have to take along your unwieldy keys.

Spend less. When you consider the normal circumstances that arise around locks and keys ~ such as moving to a new place; blocking access from a fired employee; taking in a new tenant or roommate; keeping away an ex-spouse; and so on ~ the truth is, a keyless entry system is going to be cheaper overall than periodic rekeying, lock changes, and making new keys.

You’ll enjoy exceptional security. Because we all want to keep our private data confidential, both at home and in the workplace, there’s increasing concern over identity theft, fraud, and so forth. As a result, keyless entry systems are growing more sophisticated, including such technology as locks requiring biometrics ~ a handprint, a fingerprint, or an eye scan.

If you desire biometrics as an aspect of your keyless entry system, you’ll be totally certain that only the people you want to grant acceptable clearance to will be allowed access to your property. A biometric reader verifies identity by scanning distinctive features. Soon there may be more futuristic identification methods ~ including ear scans, voice recognition, and even DNA sampling and heartbeat identification!

It’s easier for your children. If you have kids who come home from school, forgetting their keys more often than not, with a keyless remote entry system you won’t worry about them being locked out if you haven’t returned home yet. Your child simply has to remember the code, or perhaps just use a fingerprint recognition pad.

Many keyless locks are remote-controlled, which is helpful if you forget your password. That way, you can still open the lock just by pointing and clicking your remote device.

It’s waterproof and rustproof. Keyless smart locks are obviously digital, using computer chips to function. Thus, these locks are waterproof, so they can never be defused with water.

Just punch in your code. With a keyless entry system, you’ll have a keypad rather than a lock mechanism. Just remember your chosen string of numbers, push the corresponding buttons, and you’ll unlock your door. Some keyless systems allow you to use a key to lock the door when you leave, but you can use the keypad when you return. Nowadays, some allow you to remotely monitor your property 24/7 with your smart phone.

To enter your place, if all you have to do is know your code, you’ll never need to make a spare key for anybody. Just tell people the code, and teach them to use the keypad. Of course, tell only your family and trusted friends! Remember that any person you tell could theoretically share that information with someone else, or even turn against you in the future, and break in sometime later when you’re out. Accordingly, it’s vital that you change your code periodically. Once per month is optimal.

At your commercial building, it’s important that you change the code even more often than monthly, depending upon your line of business ~ once per week, once per day, or even many times per day. In some commercial facilities, there are a variety of keyless entry points that will control access not only from individuals entering and exiting, but also from going into top-security areas of the property. For higher levels of security clearance, a keycard along with a password ~ or biometrics ~ may be required.

A point to remember: Keep in mind that if you choose an electronic keyless entry system, you must always be sure that your battery stays charged. There will be an indicator light or message that will turn on, reminding you if the battery charge is low. If you know you’ll be gone for an extended period, make sure your battery will last until you return home. Your system’s battery backup is absolutely essential, because it will keep doors closed and locked even in a power outage.

A keyless entry system is great for your automobile, too. Many modern vehicles offer the option of starting the engine, as well as opening the doors and trunk, using an electronic keyless remote entry system. Often called a remote keyless system (RKS), or a remote central locking system (RCLS), keyless vehicular entry and operation began in the 1990s, featuring a keypad at the driver’s door, which can be opened only with the correct code, also referred to as the passkey. The numbered passkey evolved on some cars into an even more discreet system that replaced the keypad and numeric code with a specialized key, with additional buttons for activating or deactivating the automobile’s locking mechanism and ignition.

With any of today’s automotive electronic keyless lock systems, you’ll have the advantage of extra convenience. It’s so easy to open your car doors just by pushing a button. You’ll have extra safety as well: It’s guaranteed that it can’t be hotwired or picked. In most cars these days, if the standard key system is jeopardized, it will sound a loud alert that informs the owner and anyone in the vicinity. Many are also designed to thoroughly lock down the vehicle, thwarting the possibility of forced entry. Some automotive keyless entry systems allow your keys to be linked to your smart device, so you won’t ever risk losing them. It’s a fact: A specialized keyless entry system can genuinely transform the way you operate and protect your car, delivery vehicle, van, or truck.

There are definitely many possibilities to explore. If your home or commercial building is located in Dorchester, Massachusetts, and you’d like to find out more about the benefits of a keyless entry system for your residence, business, or automobile, it would be a good idea to schedule an appointment with a reliable professional, such as one of the mobile locksmith technicians on staff at Dorchester Locksmith.