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How Do You Know You Need Better Home Security

You may think that you are safe and sound as long as you lock the doors of your home behind you. There are a lot of people who have thought this and have still had the misfortune of a break-in. At Dorchester Locksmith we can point to many different areas of your home that may pose a threat to you and your families safety and security. You may need better security for your home without even knowing it. You will know that you need better home security when your security has been compromised. If you ever notice that your door has been tampered with, this is certainly cause for concern. If you don’t already have deadbolt locks on all of your exterior doors, we would strongly encourage you to do. Deadbolt locks offer maximum security to your home. If you have ever arrived home to find that your patio door has been kicked in. What lots of people do not realize is that the patio door can easily be compromised. It doesn’t actually have a lock on it. It has something that will enable you to close the door and keep it closed but as far as a lock that offers you security, they do not have this. You’ll need to secure the door with a bar. Many hardware stores can offer you some form of security for your patio door or you can contact us and one of our highly skilled locksmiths will take care of it for you. We have all that we need to better secure your home. Finally, you need better home security if you do not feel as though you are safe inside your home. By all means, if you’re having sleepless nights because you fear that someone will break into your home, don’t just ignore this feeling; do something about it. When you call on us to help you with your home security needs, we’ll find out where your security could be compromised and proceed to let you know what we have to offer to you to remedy the issue. However, there are also some steps that you can take to identify whether or not you currently have enough security for your home.

Effectively Evaluating Your Home Security

No doubt you have some level of security and if you do, you are certainly to be commended for this. We want you to make sure that you continue to remain safe and this might require that you evaluate your home security on a regular basis. Here are the steps that we suggest you take to evaluate your security.

  • Check the condition of your deadbolt locks – If you have deadbolt locks, it is clear to us that you are aware of the level of security they offer. Deadbolts are added in addition to your existing locks. They help maximize your home security. If the builder or previous homeowner installed deadbolt locks, you should still make sure that the locks are a good quality. If they are not, replace them immediately. The problem with locks that are installed by someone else is that they will usually use the least expensive deadbolt locks. This means that you’ll need to upgrade them yourself. You should definitely make sure that the new deadbolt lock is of good quality. Our suggestion is that you invest in one that is made from steel. Any other type of material is not going to be suitable for maximizing your homes level of security.
  • Make Sure You Have Suitable Exterior Locks

    You shouldn’t place deadbolt locks on the door until you have suitable exterior locks. This would defeat the purpose in your having the deadbolt locks placed on the door along side the standard lock. The exterior door lock should be a solid core lock. This is a lock that is solid all the way through. It should be placed on a heavy door that can withstand pressure. It is also the type of lock that should be able of withstanding pressure from the tools that an intruder might use. Having both a sturdy standard lock and a deadbolt will undoubtedly make things a lot more difficult for a burglar.
  • Make Sure Outdoor Lights Work

    If you have outdoor lights, make sure that you change them often to ensure that the bulb doesn’t burn out. Lighting around your own makes your home visible to those who may pass by. This is important to helping homeowners avoid a burglary. The lights would not be of much use to you if half of them are burned out. Make sure your lights are all working and any that are not, replace the bulb immediately. You are often able to avoid a burglar with something as simple as having the right lights shining on your home. Make sure you have a significant amount of light shining on your house. This will require you to check the wattage to make sure it is bright enough.
  • Keep Bushes Cut

    Bushes and shrub serve as hiding places for burglars. Make sure you don’t allow yours to grow too much or else you may be in for a rude awakening. Even if you can’t do it on your own, hire a landscaping company to perform the job on a routine basis to ensure your safety and that of your family.

Better home security doesn’t always mean that you have to buy expensive security features or the most expensive security alarm. It simply means that you consider what you already have and improve upon it. This is what we strive to assist our customers in doing. Something as simple as adding the right locks in the right places can garner you all of the security that you need. Don’t be fooled into believing that you have to spend a lot in order to achieve maximum security. We handle this for our customers every day and they are able to avoid having their homes broken into with minimum money spent.