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Is Your Transponder Key Lost? Here’s What You Do!

If you’ve been driving for any length of time, you’ve lost your keys. They may be under the bed or in your pants pocket. They could be buried somewhere in your purse or behind a couch cushion. The most unlikely places can wind up containing your auto keys. Usually, the problem is simple and it turns out the dog ran out the door to bury them or they were behind the coffee pot all along. At other times, having to deal with a lost car key can be both traumatic and even dangerous! What if someone finds it and uses the key to steal your car? What if you have an emergency situation and can’t take someone to the hospital or to an appointment?

Is Losing A Transponder Key Worse?

Before we answer that, consider what a transponder key actually is. Most modern cars use transponder chip keys to start them. This is because it is a fact that using automotive transponder keys cuts down the rate of auto theft by a huge factor.

A transponder is just fancy word for “transmitter.” This is what your transponder key does; it transmits a message to your car’s computer telling it that is safe to go ahead and start. It does this by using a chip embedded in the head of the transponder key. When you turn the transponder key in the ignition, it sends an electrical signal to your engine and if that signal matches the one from your vehicle’s computer, your car starts! It’s ingenious really, and the rate of car theft has plummeted since car manufacturers have been using this system of car key programming. What does all this have to do with losing your keys? Lots!

Replacing Lost Keys

Losing your ordinary keys or non-transponder car keys is bad enough. You suffer through the worry and stress of having to do without your keys like we mentioned above. In Dorchester, Ma there are hundreds of places where you can have keys of all types cut or duplicated on demand. These include home improvement stores, locksmith shops, mobile handymen, mail centers, convenience stores, hardware stores and dozens more. You simply present your key to any one working there with key making experience and soon, you have (usually) a working, brand new key.

Except For Transponders!!

Remember that programmable chip embedded in your transponder key head? The good news is that it too can be duplicated and copied for your convenience and use. The BAD news is that most all of the key cutting locations mentioned above are useless for this task and the cost of dramatically higher for this type of key. Can Dorchester Locksmith help? We can! But first, let’s discuss your other options so that you can see the real value in working with our licensed, bonded and insured automotive locksmiths. Call The Dealer!

Or not! Most people think to go through their car dealer to get a copy of their transponder key. Even many key making locations will urge you to do just that. This is because they don’t know any better and for many, this is how it’s always been done. In reality, it’s not that easy. Your car dealer doesn’t have a copy of your particular key handy at all times. No; they have to program your new transponder key to match the signal in your car’s computer. Wait; it gets better! If you don’t have an ignition key – you can’t drive your car, remember? Now you are facing a big towing fee on top of your new transponder key duplication and programming from your car dealer! Worse still, your dealership will simply call their locksmith in, and have them do the programming and duplication work. Now, you’ve got middle men and their bills all over the place (car dealer, tow truck, dealer locksmith, etc.)

“I Get It; Call A Locksmith!”

That’s a start. Not all locksmiths are experienced or trained in programming transponder chip keys. In Dorchester, MA be sure to call a licensed, bonded and insured automotive locksmith. Dorchester Locksmith is always pleased to help but you don’t have to use our service. An experienced and skilled locksmith trained in automotive lock and key services can come directly to your location saving you tow charges and lots of time. Many offer same day service and even 24-hour emergency help. Eliminate all the middleman charges and go directly to the source for the best in transponder chip key programming and duplication.

Helpful Tips

You don’t have to wait until you lose your transponder key in order to have a copy made. You can order one or more made at any time and have them for safekeeping or for emergencies. A trusted neighbor or family member can be get one and if the situation calls for it; they can be notified and bring one over to you. If you don’t have anyone you feel comfortable doing this with, save a transponder key where you can access it easily and where it won’t be easily discovered.

Here at Dorchester Locksmith we DON’T recommend the old “key under the mat” trick or in the flower pot, either! Burglars count on you to place your spare keys there. Don’t make burglary or car theft easy for them. Instead, hide your transponder key copy where you can find it and NOT the neighborhood crook!

If the idea of having a spare transponder key “out there” bothers you or if you don’t want to spend the money (affordable through a locksmith) to have an extra one made, then at least keep the phone number to a reputable automotive locksmith in Dorchester stored in all of your mobile devices. If you don’t ever need it or use it: fine. But if you suddenly do, that phone number is right at your beck and call and ready for you to use. If your locksmith shop is full service and has 24-hour access, all the better! If you’d like to know more about transponder keys, Dorchester Locksmith offers free price quotes, free consultations and 24/7 service at the very best rates!